Just 6km away from the Villa Koukounari, you will find the closest beach, of Kalathas, which is an ideal choice, as it is perfect for relaxing moments by the sea or water sports if you are an enthousiast.

If you drive a little further, you will find Stavros beach, famous because of the Hollywood film “Zorbas the Greek” which was filmed there.

About 15km away from the Villa you will find the Seitan beach, with the mesmerizing turquoise waters and a few kilometers away the popular beaches of Akrotiri area: Loutraki and Marathi.

Just a few minutes away from the Villa, you will meet Kounoupidiana village, where you are going to find all the essentials for your stay in Chania, such as: super markets, 24/7 mini markets, gas station, ATM, bank, restaurants, bars, cafes, pharmacy, retail shops etc.

Just 3min away from Villa Koukounari, you will find the location called: Venizelos’ Graves, which is popular because of its pictursque gardens and the panoramic, breathtaking view of the city of Chania.

The pictursque city of Chania is just 4km away from the location of Agios Mathaios, while the famous beaches on the west side of the city, such as Chrysi Akti, Agia Marina, Platanias are just 8km away,

Transportation: The public bus station is just 10 min away by foot from the Villa.



The sandy beach of Kalathas, which is located just 6km away from the Villa Koukounari, is popular even among the locals, as it is shallow and perfect for families with kids or people who are looking for a tranquil organised beach. The unique feature of Kalathas’ landscape is a small island which rises a few meters away from the beach.

Apart from the relaxing activities, the beach of Kalathas is appropriate for all the kind of water sports.



Mesmerizing turquoise waters and a rugged landscape, which is going to thrill you, just 15km away from Villa Koukounari! The imposive, rocky walls of the canal and the turquoise waters of the beach compose a perfect landscape.

Seitan is the hidden treasure of Akrotiri area, as it used to be a “secret” location among the locals till a few years back.

The beach is called Seitan Limania or Stefanou Seitan. The word Seitan Limania is translated as “the harbor of the devil” in Turkish, as the beach was discovered during the era in which the Turkish dominated Greece. The reason for that name is the windy waters of the sea in the area, which calm down only in the harbor of Seitan, but in order to reach it the ships had to pass through the wavy entrance of a canal.

The beach is sandy and partially rocky, as small pebbles are moving through from the quarry which is close, through the gorge “Diplochachalo” to the beach.

TIP: The canyoning enthousiasts have the chance to explore the gorge “Diplochachalo” which ends up to the beach.


Stavros beach, famous because of the Hollywood production of “Zorbas the Greek”, is located 8km away from the luxury villa, in Akrotiri area.

The beach is a sandy, shallow and usually meek lagoon. The special feature of Stavros beach is the imposing mountain, which rises upon the beach. The scene of the actor Anthony Quinn, in “Zorbas the Greek” dancing the famous Sirtaki in 1964 was filmed on this imposing mountain.

On the northwest of the first beach of Stavros, there is another beach, called Pachia Ammos. This beach is recommended for water sports, such as diving, as it is deep and has a bottom full of interesting Cretan sea life. The two beaches are separated by a rocky parcel of land, which is worthy of exploration as you will find the remain of an ancient Venetian limestone quarry.



Marathi beach consists of two separated beaches, which are sandy, shallow, with crystal clear blue waters. The beach is usually meek as it is safely located in the Souda bay.

Apart from the clean waters and the beautiful landscape, Marathi is also popular because of the picturesque small port of its, where you will find traditional taverns and you will be able to enjoy your Ouzo by the sea.


Venizelos Graves

One of the most beautiful places of the city of Chania! Just 5km away from the city center, you are going to witness amazing panoramic views of Chania.

Don’t miss the chance to gaze the colourful sunset stretching upon the city. Enjoy the tranquility of the landscape, which stretches from the bay of Chania, till the imposing mountains of Lefka Ori,

The location is also famous for historical reasons, as there are the graves of Eleftherios Venizelos, who was prime minister of the Cretan state and later of Greece, and his son’s Sofokles. There is also the church of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elijah), which was built during 16th century by the Venetians and had a significant role during the revolution of Cretans against the Turkish conquest.

Explore the gardens of the property and find the hidden treasures, as the fallen statue of Liberty, a gift from USA to the minicipality of Chania, that fall down during a storm.