Mesmerizing turquoise waters and a rugged landscape, which is going to thrill you, just 15km away from Villa Koukounari! The imposive, rocky walls of the canal and the turquoise waters of the beach compose a perfect landscape.

Seitan is the hidden treasure of Akrotiri area, as it used to be a “secret” location among the locals till a few years back.

The beach is called Seitan Limania or Stefanou Seitan. The word Seitan Limania is translated as “the harbor of the devil” in Turkish, as the beach was discovered during the era in which the Turkish dominated Greece. The reason for that name is the windy waters of the sea in the area, which calm down only in the harbor of Seitan, but in order to reach it the ships had to pass through the wavy entrance of a canal.

The beach is sandy and partially rocky, as small pebbles are moving through from the quarry which is close, through the gorge “Diplochachalo” to the beach.

TIP: The canyoning enthousiasts have the chance to explore the gorge “Diplochachalo” which ends up to the beach.